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Jet Belt and Disc Sander 6x48, 12 inch, 115V 1Ph (Model: J-4200A)

Power up your sanding game with the JET J-4200A Belt and Disc Sander - the ultimate tool for precision sanding and finishing!

- Durable: Built to last, the J-4200A features a heavy-duty steel frame and cast iron table that can withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy workshop.
- Easy to Use: The J-4200A is designed with user-friendly features like a quick-release belt tensioning system and a tilting table that makes it easy to adjust for different sanding angles. Plus, the large, easy-to-read controls make it simple to operate, even for beginners.

The JET J-4200A is a powerful and versatile sander that is perfect for both professional and DIY use. With a 6 x 48 belt and 12 disc, this machine can handle a wide range of sanding tasks, from smoothing rough surfaces to finishing fine details. The 115V 1Ph motor provides plenty of power for even the toughest jobs, while the adjustable belt and disc tables allow for precise positioning and angle adjustments. The JET J-4200A also features a dust collection port, which helps to keep your workspace clean and free of debris. Whether you're working with wood, metal, or other materials, the JET J-4200A is a reliable and efficient tool that will help you achieve professional-quality results every time.