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Dynabrade Disc Sander DS53

Effortlessly Sand with Precision using Dynabrade (DS53) 3" Right Angle Disc Sander - Equipped with Powerful 0.5 hp Pneumatic Motor and 3 Locking-type Disc Pads!

- Ergonomic Design: The sander is designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring a comfortable grip and a lightweight body that reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use. The right angle design also allows for easy access to tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.
- Durable Construction: The sander is built to last, with a rugged construction that can withstand heavy use in industrial settings. The motor is protect

The Dynabrade (DS53) 3 (76 mm) Diameter Right Angle Disc Sander is a powerful tool that is perfect for sanding surfaces in hard-to-reach areas. With a 1/4 collet and 0.5 hp 14000 RPM Pneumatic Motor, this sander is capable of delivering consistent and efficient performance. The sander also includes 3 locking-type (R-type) disc pads which make it easy to change out sanding discs quickly and easily. The locking-type pads ensure that the discs stay securely in place while you work, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Whether you're sanding wood, metal, or other materials, the Dynabrade (DS53) 3 (76 mm) Diameter Right Angle Disc Sander is the perfect tool for the job.