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Eastwood 12" Disc Sander - Powerful and Adjustable

Rev Up Your Sanding Game with Eastwood's Powerful 1.25HP Disc Sander - Perfect for Heavy Duty Projects with Adjustable Work Surface and Miter Gauge!

- Adjustable Work Surface: The sander comes with a 45-degree adjustable work surface, allowing you to sand at different angles for more precise results. This feature makes it ideal for sanding curved or angled surfaces.
- Vacuum Port: The sander also comes with a vacuum port that helps to keep your workspace clean and free of dust and debris. This feature not only makes it easier to work with, but it also helps to improve the overall safety of your workspace.

The Eastwood Disc Sander is a powerful and reliable tool that can help you achieve professional results with ease. With a 1.25HP motor, this sander packs a punch that can tackle even the toughest sanding jobs. Its heavy-duty cast iron base provides stability and durability, ensuring that you can use it for years to come. The vacuum port ensures that dust and debris are collected, keeping your workspace clean and safe. The adjustable work surface can be set at a 45-degree angle, making it easy to work on angled surfaces. Additionally, the adjustable miter gauge allows for precise and accurate cuts every time. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Eastwood Disc Sander is a must-have tool for your workshop.