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Grizzly 12-Inch Disc Sander with Brake

Upgrade Your Woodworking Game with the Grizzly G0702 Disc Sander - Featuring a Powerful Brake and 12-Inch Sanding Capacity!

- Large Sanding Surface: The Grizzly G0702 Disc Sander has a large 12-inch sanding surface that provides ample space for sanding larger pieces of wood or metal. This makes it a great tool for professionals or hobbyists who work with larger materials.
- Durable Construction: The disc sander is built with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand heavy use over time. The cast iron table and base provide a solid foundation, while the powder-coated finish helps to protect ag

The Grizzly G0702 Disc Sander with Brake is a powerful and versatile tool that is perfect for any woodworking project. With a 12-inch disc, this sander can handle large pieces of wood and make quick work of any sanding task. The built-in brake system ensures that the disc stops quickly and safely, reducing the risk of accidents. The adjustable table and miter gauge make it easy to achieve precise angles and cuts, while the dust port keeps your work area clean and free of debris. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Grizzly G0702 Disc Sander with Brake is a must-have tool for your workshop.